1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts

North Coast

Scouts Privacy Policy

First Port Macquarie Sea Scouts abides by the Scouts Australia NSW Branch Privacy Policy. Details of this policy can be found on the Scouts Australia website and following this link.


Scouts Australia NSW Branch have a comprehensive Privacy Policy in place following the introduction of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Privacy Act 2001.

The policy addresses the following:

  • Collection of data
  • Identifiers used for members
  • Type of data collected
  • Sensitive data
  • Consent Policy
  • Use and disclosure
  • Data quality and integrity
  • Data access and correction by members and non members
  • Data security
  • Commercial use of data
  • Website on-line policy
  • Complaints resolution
  • Member’s rights
  • Changes to the privacy policy
  • Photographic policy

If you have any questions or feedback on our privacy policy please send an email to: info@nsw.scouts.com.au 

Privacy Policy last updated October 9th 2017


Photographs, Videos & Images

“Photographs and images” includes still and movie film photography, video, audio and digital recordings and footage.

Scouts NSW has an ongoing promotional program which includes publicising and developing public awareness of Scouts NSW and the achievements of, and awards to, its members.

From time to time, as part of that promotional program, photographs and images may be taken of participants, including individual members, at Scouting activities and meetings or at other activities which members attend as representatives of Scouts NSW. Such photographs and images may be taken by members of Scouts NSW and by related 3rd parties (including parents and other persons associated with local Scout Groups) or other authorised 3rd parties (including press photographers and television camera operators).

When you (or your child) join Scouts NSW you agree that you have no claim in copyright to, or claim to monetary compensation for, such photographs and images and that Scouts NSW retains the right to publish any such photographs and images for the promotional program and/or for training purposes, whether internally or externally, and to provide such photographs and images for use in newspapers, magazines, television broadcasts, and on appropriate websites or other media including for the purposes of advertising and commercial purposes. You also consent to Scouts NSW using those photographs and images for any such appropriate purpose without the need for any further permission or consent from you.

The release of such photographs and images may include the name of a member and the name of the group or formation to which that member belongs as well as some information about the activity.

This policy shall apply with the exception that any member, being an adult or with the written authorisation of their parent or guardian, not wishing their name and group/formation included with such photograph and images, shall notify their Group Leader/Leader-in-Charge in writing. In such case Scouts NSW will take all reasonable steps to ensure that such information is not included with any photographs and images that are released.