1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts

North Coast

June 2016 Bowline

Group Leaders Report

Here we are in the middle of the year with a whole heap of winter fun to happen with the group. Summer saw a lot of water activities and now we will be seeing a few hikes, spooky spotlights, astronomy nights just to name a few.

I have had the privilege in helping out in different Sections during the first half of this year. I really appreciate keeping in touch with each Section and helping out at times to keep me active as a front line leader and not losing touch with the families and the Sections.

Parent Committee

The Parent Committee has been busy spending Grant funds on new equipment in the hall and you will see a few new/updated works happen in the very near future.

The Committee also spent Monday of the June long weekend with a fundraiser for GeoQuest. Thank you to those who helped out with the BBQ breakfast for the GeoQuest participants and their families/friends who were attending the breakfast. Feedback from the GeoQuest organisers was all positive – well done!

Equipment Update

The Group RIX/box trailer is receiving a metal cage and a waterproof cover through a grant that we were successful in receiving. This will make traveling to camps a lot safer and will keep equipment dry without the worry of a tarp.

Annual Report Presentation

Thank you to all those who attended the Group ARP. I would like to thank the outgoing committee with all of their hard work throughout 2015. Congratulations to our new committee for their positions for 2016. It will be another big year of fun and activities also fundraising to keep the group busy.

Email addresses

Group email addresses have now been set-up. These new addresses are for everyone to use to contact Leaders or Treasurer when needed. These addresses are:

     Group Leader - groupleader@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

     Treasurer - treasurer@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

     Joeys - joeys@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

     Cubs - cubs@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

     Scouts - scouts@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

     Venturers - venturers@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com

Rego/Insurance and Term Fees

Thank you to the families who have paid their Rego/Insurance and have their Term Fees up to date. For those who have outstanding payments especially Rego/Insurance we need these up to date. If you are not sure where you are at with payments please contact the Section Leaders to clarify where payments are at. As now your child will not be able to attend any outdoor activities with Insurance payments still outstanding.

First Aid Course

Sunday 10th July being held in our Scout Hall. Cost is $95.00 everyone aged 15 and older is able to attend this course. Please contact Tracey by email [see Group Leader email above] and pay $95.00 into the Group Account to hold your spot.

Parent Support Group

Meetings days have changed to the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 6.30pm to 8.00pm. Your attendance and support at these meetings is always needed. Meetings are held in the Pierpoint (Committee) Room at the Scout Hall. All parents are invited to attend. Next meeting has been changed to the 3rd Wednesday of July due to school holidays on the second week; then August will be back the 2nd Wednesday.

New families are requested to attend at least one meeting before
their child is invested.


We always have vacancies for anyone who would like to join us and have fun as a leader or committee member. Please contact Tracey if you are interested: 6582 6842.


All families are asked to help the group by participating in fundraising activities during the year. Each family is requested to contribute 10 hours per family per year. Our group budget has determined the necessary fundraising events for the year. Beginning of Term 4 Parent Committee will be issuing invoices to those families who have not contributed their 10 hours of fundraising. Please keep an eye out on some new fundraising help that will be happening in Term 3 and Term 4 to help clock up your hours.

Hall Hire

1st Port Macquarie Sea Scout Hall is able to be hired for children’s birthday parties up to the age of 9 years old and for meetings etc. The hall and grounds is a non-alcohol and no smoking area so we keep the area clean and healthy for all the families attached to our group. Hall Hire contact is: Tracey Walsh and can be contacted by email groupleader@1stportmacquarieseascouts.com or by phone 6582 6842.

Happy Scouting Tracey Walsh – Shada

Out of the Pouch

Term 1 this year had excellent weather so all our events went ahead. We had a successful Bring A Mate Night and Harmony Night that saw new members come to our group. Our Pet Night showed us how caring our Joeys are towards animals and plants.

Congratulations to Jasmine Evans-Weatherby, Beau Grigg and Lucy Wolfriam on earning an Environment Challenge Badge. Well done!

ANZAC Day was well attended and the Joeys were so brave to stand motionless and uncomplaining when the rain poured down on them.

Term 2 kicked off with Mothers Day craft and activities. An adventure was planned this term where we use a Time Machine to travel forwards and backwards in time to experience different eras of how people used to live and how they will live.

Visiting the local Town Museum was a highlight as well as showing the Joeys ‘how it used to be’. Lee Grigg is turning out to be a brilliant leader so if you want to join the fun and excitement join up to be a Joey Leader!

Words Of Wisdom – Good friends are like the stars. You don’t always see them. But you know they are always there.

Have a Howling Time - Dingo and Yabby

From the Den


Well Term Two started off with camp “Cuboom” at Glenreagh. Mike and Meagan had a fantastic time! All the kids did really well on camp. A big WOLF to all who attended and to the parent helpers. There is a present on its way.

Then full swing into the term with a visit to the Maritime Museum. Thank you to Ted Kasehagen for the walk through and for his time.

We looked at our First Aid Level 1, Code and Signals, Marks and Sculptures.

We had organized a new date for the rock climbing for the 5th June. Unfortunately it was cancelled and will now be moved to Term 4.

We have 2 Cubs linking up to Scouts this term, Tom Prickett and Evan Langstaff. Have fun in the group!!

The end of term outing will be Laser Tag at Centre of Gravity.


Scout Troop


Scouts went to Troop camp at Lorne Farm which was a great success! The youth built some gadgets from wash basins to clothes lines and a flag pole which we ended up using for our parade. Also the Scouts worked on their Green Cord by building a catapult. I would like to thank Noel Turner and Shada who were kind enough to help us with the camp.

We had a Troop Council where the Scouts decided to turn the program into a more youth led program.

The following week we celebrated Harmony Day where the Scouts bought in a dish from another country and did a quick 20-30 second spiel on what country it was from and what region of that country.

We then had a community visit to the Marine Rescue which was organised by Jordan Fellows. We finished the term off at the boat shed for our end of term BBQ; it was a pretty good turnout.

Term 1 we have lost Scott and Isaac Boulton up to Venturers. Thank you Daniel and the Venturers.
 Second term started with a games night, where the P1’s had to have structured games organised for the evening.

The following week we had camp gadgets where I wanted to try and have the kids going to region rally prepped and ready for what was coming.

At Region Rally, our youth finished 8th, 9th and 15th respectively. They had big shoes to fill this year, so considering we lost our bigger kids I think they did very well and I look forward to taking them to State Rally this year. Jordan Fellows was also elected as a secretary for SYC.

The following week we had Mini Olympics where I would like to thank the other P1’s and Chris Palin who were all happy to help Cheyenne out for the night.

Later in the term we had a joint night with Cubs plus a going up ceremony. We also had other activities throughout the term, Orienteering, Chalk Chase, Hot Pot Skit Night, SMS Scavenger Hunt plus the Scouts have been invited to join the Venturers with a visit to the Observatory.

We currently have Luca May and Lachlan Fellows linking to Venturers with their going up ceremony on the 22nd June.

Nigel did his training night with Venturers and found it interesting on how different Venturers are to the Scout Troop.

There is also a Region Family Camp coming up at Glenreagh at the end of June for all families in the region. I am off to Glenreagh this weekend to do my BST training.

To finish the term off, we’re off to Centre of Gravity with Wauchope and Camden Haven.

Venturers - From the Desk of Daniel


What a term it has been, firstly it was exciting to finally present Phil Nickl with his Queen Scout Award with people coming from places as far as Sydney to Brisbane to congratulate Phil on his achievement. On the 23rd of April he was part of an official Scout ceremony in Sydney to receive the award. This award is a great achievement where Venturers need to complete 13 badges averaging about 15 hours per badge and an additional 4 badges averaging about 30 hours per badge.

Towards the end of term one 8 Venturers, Scott and Daniel went to Coopernook national park and completed a 25km hike over one night and one day which was part of their Venturer skills badge. While it was quite a journey it was the first step for many who are looking towards completing their Queen Scout Award.

Over the Easter break we had 4 Venturers head to Sydney to compete in Dragon Skin, where they had to hike to various activities throughout the day and the hang with hundreds of other Venturers at night. They all had a great time, stating they can't wait till next year.

Ending out the term we had a games night with plenty of physical activities played, including a new game of relay noughts and crosses, then lastly we had a formal dinner, were we dressed in suit and tie, with wonderful tablecloths and candles set up at Maccas where we had dinner.

This term started as usual with planning out what to do for the term, and with new members joining us the following week we played some team building games to build us as a unit. With so many new people and many interested in working towards their Queen Scout Award we got together and talked about completing badges and the process involved.

Just to let parents know, Venturers need to present a completed form to describe intent of what badge they are attempting and how they are going to achieve it. Once approved by unit council they then go and complete their badge while keeping a detailed record of what they did (include photos where appropriate). Once the work is complete, they need to come back to the unit council and present the work they have done to then get approval from the unit council. Once they have completed all their badges, their completed venture record book and a folder with evidence of all their badge work is sent to region to be reviewed. Parents if you have any questions about this process so you are able to support your children during this process please ask.

When we had a few away at region rally, we offered a movie night here at the hall for the few that were unable to attend. Next we had another quite night due to illness, and some away being trained in abseiling, we made the best of it out at McInherney Park where we created a code using flashlight and then successfully transmitted a message from one group to another. Attached are some images of some tents in strange places.

Coming up in this term we will be heading to The Observatory, participating in the Hot Pot Skit night, welcoming some more Scouts as they progress to the next step of being a Venturer, constructing something and then ending the term with another meal together.

Finally I want to welcome Brian to the Venturer unit. He has been coming along since the beginning of the year to become another leader in our unit. He has just completed part of his training up in Coffs Harbour.