1st Port Macquarie Sea Scouts

North Coast

1st Port Scarf

1st Port Macquarie Sea Scout Group was founded in 1933. Our scarf is a deep red colour that represents our Port Macquarie earth, the golden stripes are for the golden sand of our beaches. 

Baden Powell (BP) - The Founding of Scouts

The founder of Scouting, Lord Robert Baden-Powell (B-P) was born in 1857 in England. He lived a busy and adventurous life, and as a boy spent much of his spare time in open-air pursuits, hunting in the woods, and joining his brothers in expeditions by land and in their boats. Thus he developed his powers of observation and resoourcefulness and acquired many useful skills.

He won  a scholarship which gave him entry into the British Army, where he was sent to India and served for many years. He tried out his ideas of training soldiers in "Scouting", teaching them how to develop experience in stalking and fending for themselves and to be observant of all signs that would give them an advantage as soldiers. He set down his ideas in the book Aids to Scouting which was used as a textbook for many years.

Baden-Powell was encouraged to set down his views on how he would apply Scouting to the training of boys. He first conducted an experimental camp in 1907  on Brownsea Island off the Dorset coast of the UK. With some 20 boys from all walks of life and suitable adult leaders, Baden-Powell taught the boys what he meant by Scouting. They lived in tents, cooked their own food and learnt many valuable skills through games.

It was suggested that boys from themselves into Patrols within other organisations but boys didn't want to be school-Scouts, cadet-Scouts or brigade-Scouts, they simply wanted to be Scouts. Long before the last instalment of Scouting for Boys had hit the book stands, Scout Patrols and Troops had magically appeared all over Britain. Baden-Powell finally bowed to the inevitable and accepted that Scouting would have to become a movement in its own right.

Two years later Baden-Powell retired from the army as a General to devote his life to this new Movement called Scouting. On 1 August 1907 a rally at the Crystal Palace in London drew together 10 000 boys and is regarded as the beginning of the Scout Movement worldwide.

Scouting has since grown to include different age groups, Joeys, Cub Scouts, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers. In 1990 the scouting movement became a mixed membership of boys and girls through all sections.

1st Port Macquarie works to give boys and girls skills that will last them a lifetime, such as initiative, self-confidence, responsibility, respect and leadership.